Down with “we are world class and our shit does not stink attitude.” — viva la free software.

Down with “we are world class and our shit does not stink attitude.” — viva la free software.

I am thinking of setting up a not-for-profit software company and calling it pew’s best guess information technology. (kidding!)
My logic is that there are too many Rolls-Royce, NASA & Microsoft companies of this world and not enough not-for-profits. It was not so long ago that the world got a shock when a NASA Space Shuttle exploded tragically and also when parts started to fall off Boeing RR engines or Microsoft Windows of different versions crashing for various unexplainable reasons.
I see this as being systemic of companies like RR, NASA & Microsoft going around saying “We are/were world class at everything and our shit does not stink.”
I see the argument why RR, NASA and MS want to have their holier-than-thow attitude however I see it as very damaging to their reputation.
ps – I finally found the last bug in my Frog Retro Remake arcade game … I got some help from a guy on the Free Pascal forum… it turned out to be a very complicated solution with a couple of lines for different types of string conversions… not intuitive and this guy as-good-as-said that I needed to be a string expert to understand it. See attached PDF file and read it for a detailed explanation if you are interested.
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