Infinite Maths: infinity = 1

The infinity symbol ∞ in several typefaces.

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Infinite Maths:
infinity = 1

© 2000-2011 Peter E. Williams

What follows is a nonsense
explanation of mathematics:


Maths is not an exact science;
allow me to explain:


take infinity;
by definition it can’t get any bigger.
no matter what you do to infinity,
it’s still infinitely infinite


it’s sort of like a black hole,
or the size of the ever expanding universe
(if you subscribe to that theory)


take division;
when the divisor and the numerator are the same
they cancel out to give 1 over 1,
which is course one


take infinity divided by ten;
infinity is not a fixed amount, it’s infinite
so there are an infinite number of tens in infinity,
so the answer is infinity.


So then, what is infinity divided by infinity?
is it one? or infinity?


if infinity over infinity
equals one and infinity
then infinity equals one.


confused? so are we.

mathematicians will tell you that
infinity divided by infinity is undefined;


what a cop-out.


but just remember:
two is greater than infinity.



Now I know how Jesus fed the masses with loaves and fishes.
All he needed was one loaf of bread and two fish.

Or was it only really one of each?


With the power of this theory
of the understanding of infinity,
He instantly had an infinite number of
loaves of bread and fishes and
He could feed the masses.

See, it wasn’t really a miracle,
it was just the power of infinite mathematics at work!


The truth can now be revealed:

Jesus only had one loaf of bread and two fish.

Or was it only one of each bread and fish.

He said “look folks, I only have one loaf and one fish, but

through the power of infinite maths there’s plenty to go around. Dig in.”

I swear that’s exactly how it happened. Honest.


Why, with this theory we can end world starvation!


I’ve got this other theory about infinity;
that it doesn’t actually exist.
It might just be a number that’s too big
for us to comprehend.

Even if the universe is constantly expanding,
at any given fraction of second it must actually
have a dimension, it’s just that by the time
you try to measure from one point to another,
at the limits, by the time you have found
your second reference point,
both points have moved because it’s expanding.
But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a size,
a dimension, even if we can’t comprehend
it and it’s too big for our computers.


The universe has a dimension, but
it is only correct at a particular date and time;
and of course what are you going to
use for your datum for the date and time?
The beginning of the universe perhaps?
Or the beginning of time?
But then again, isn’t time infinite?


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