How the Crock of Shit Became Office Policy (humour)

Same Ol' Shit
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How the Crock of Shit Became Office Policy
( humour )


There once was a great big crock of shit. And all the workers near it said “GOD that stinks, we must run away!”

And they said to their supervisor “There is powerful mature and we cannot stand to be by it. It is too strong.”

And the supervisor said to the manager “There is a container of powerful stuff and it is so strong that no man can stand to be near by it.”

And the manager said “Wow. That is a great way to control the workers. It is a powerful force and it can control men.

I LIKE IT. And so it became official office policy.

Moral : If you are working with a pile of shit then clean it up or the management will think that you like it and you will be stuck with it because everyone thinks that that’s what you like to be around !!!



How deep is the shit your shit that you’re in now.

Wait on, and I get you a shovel. (I’m just trying to help you!)

Fond Regards, Peter Eric WILLIAMS
— Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
— Phone: +61 (03) 6236-9675
My free websites are: (&)

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