Review of e-book “Double Your Dating” by David DeAngelo – Without Prejudice

Review of e-book “Double Your Dating” by David DeAngelo (US$19.90)

Without Prejudice

by Patient X © 2010

David DeAngelo (the author) seems to me to be a creepy serial pick-up guy. He claims to have made a career from being an expert at dating women. This he tells the readers is from years of research and giving seminars.

He appears to live in Los Vegas. He claims that the books and advice he researched did not work on EVERY WOMAN — well, in the words of Homer Simpson “Duh!”. Don’t you think that all women are different and some of them actually have a brain?

The question is: Where does all this dating ultimately lead? What is the next step?

I believe that most men who are dating want to meet women and have a lot of sex – but also ultimately meet a “hot” (attractive) young woman and have a lasting relationship; whether that is defacto or marriage.

In today’s society it seems (to me) to be much more popular to live together first. Sort of like taking the shiny new car for a test drive. Then buying it (live together) on terms, and then when times are tough, trade it in after a few years.

That’s the democratic modern world’s attitude in the 21st century.

About Double Your Dating
I have *not* read the entire e-book. I downloaded it on 7-day trial terms. I then read the first 5-6 pages and I made a copy of it (and the password in a text file) on to a cdrom. I took it to my local library and read up to about page 25. I needed to go other places. In the past 4 odd weeks I have NOT been compelled to finish it and I disagree with David’s underlying message and tone of the book.

Don’t panic David. I am not one of the ‘Bad Boys’ you warn against in you book in your fear of copyright infringement. Maybe your book is not on pirated websites simply because they don’t like it, just as like I don’t.

The style is pretty easy to read. He claims to be some kind of authority on chatting up women and gives examples of lines with pauses for talking to women, etc.

He is honest and he endorses what he calls “cheeky and cocky” talk. That means that he makes silly jokes about the women — poking fun at them with a sense of humour.

An example is that if you are dating a woman and walking with her and she is carrying a cup of tea; if she then spills some drink, he proceeds to tell her in a funny voice that she will never be the kind of woman that he wants to date. Apparently the women he likes finds this very funny.

He also discusses in his e-book the types of women he like to talk to. Apparently these include:

* Actresses, models & regular (normal) women

* Lesbians

* Angry women

* For that matter, apparently he tries his luck with all of them. It seems that any good looking woman with a pulse is his type. You’d need to ask David if the pulse is optional.

David also tells us that beautiful women are hard to find. I disagree with him there, but also many beautiful women I know are in relationship or not dating. I know a few women who I regard as beautiful and friends and I have not had sex with them because they are not interested in a sexual way. It is very rewarding for myself to have close female friends without needing to ask them for sex.

Emails You’ll Receive
When (if) you buy this book, you’ll get onto David’s email list.

In David’s emails he will quote alleged emails from men who have followed his advice and either are having problems or sharing success stories. I say alleged emails because it is obvious that David is a creative writer and we are never certain if these are from real people or some he or a creative friend has written as a fictional story.

The ‘success stories’ are from excited men who are happy and obviously massages David’s ego.

We can never be sure whether these emails are real or not. Certainly he does not regard those as confidential.

In one typical email (apparently) from a man who has been dating and is asking for help, the man is obviously in love and very emotional.

What does David do? He immediately gets very angry and proceeds to abuse in written email to everyone in the list what an idiot he (the man asking for advice) is. This pattern is constantly repeat in his replies.

David does not take any responsibility for what has happened. He then goes into his expert-dater-man-about-the-town-mode and dish out the same old advise. Reworded and repeated.

It seems apparent that David does not want a long-term relationship with anyone he dates.

He tells the men to date for a while and to have sex a few times. Date rape is warned against — Thank God. And his advice is to phone the women after having sex and tell them that you just want to be friends.

Apparently this advice will make the women want you more, and hopefully she won’t lose your number and will be friends.

He also has some advise for submissive men. He tells them to seek professional Mistresses who wear leather gear and have whips and charge $400/hour.

This is dangerous advice unless these men undertake some serious research. Trust me, the worst thing a man like that would want to do is tell a Mistress that he has no limits. Some will take it literally.

I have personally known and become good friends with many women like this. They are all regular human beings. And with their own lives, loves, romances, emotions and good and bad times.

All humans on this planet, ultimately have their own priorities & agendas. These women (as well as men & TVs & TSs) are often times very intelligent. Many are learning & experiementing. Like any professional, they spend years to learn their trade and get training and experience.

I wonder if he (David) knows what BDSM is. BDSM = Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also note that not everyone involved is necessarily into all possible aspects. Venture with caution if you are tempted. It (BDSM) is not something to be taken lightly.

I think that more than once David has woken up alone and thought to himself “Geee — What was the name of that lovely woman I once dated?” And mentally run through 1000s of faces and names in his mind… only to be confused and think “Oh yeah… I think it was Susan (or whoever) — she’s a famous model & married too. I told her I just wanted to be friends. Oh well, tomorrow’s another day… another bar… another strange woman to date.”

And he wonders why he gets angry when men don’t follow his advice.

— The End


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