Flight 141

El Dorado International Airport runway.
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Flight 141

arm doors and cross check,
the safety demo and video,
then we taxi bumpily
down towards the runway,

we straighten up,
with a quick thrust and
loud roaring of the engines
we hurtle down the runway,

beads of water run diagonally
down the window

very quickly we leave terra firma
and are propelled into the sky
we climb and climb
and are soon above the clouds

the bumps of the runway
have been replaced
by gentle turbulence

I look downwards
towards a distant landscape

but soon see only clouds

My journey has indeed begun.

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Patient X is a nice guy. Religious and church goer. Not a big Bible reader. Owner of a beautiful cat. Currently single and looking to find a woman as a partner to marry within a few years. Active on one particular internet dating website with over 160 women 'buddies' and chatting via emails on that site to a few of those women. Published poet with three books printed; being collections of my poems. Also collaborated to compile anthology of other poets works. I have been previously published as Patient X with 6 mini-short stories and some poems to my credit. These stories have appeared, at various times online on the www. These were horror/humour and mostly non-fiction and faction. Pat Ientx X
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