Short Story – “Part II – Becky, the Naked Fighter”

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Part II – Becky, the Naked Fighter

The story so far.

Mum is on a commercial Boeing jet aircraft from Adelaide to Canberra. Sitting next to her is an unnamed man who has planted a bomb on board. Mum has phoned me and I ran to tell my best mate Navy Chief Dave Worrall.

Dave, at my request, has ordered two jet fighters to meet the aircraft.

The pilot of the aircraft has held up signs to warn the passengers and they are happy and laughing.


The story continues…

My phone rings. I answer it. “Hello, pew here.”

“Hello, Sir. This is R.A.A.F. Captain Becky Smith. What are your orders, Sir.”

“Becky, are you a man or a woman?”

“All woman, Sir”

“Sorry about that. I thought so. I needed to be sure.”

“What’s happening.”

“We are along side the aircraft with your mother inside. The terrorist is next to her.”

“Good. Here’s what I want you do…”

I proceed to give Becky some instructions.

“I need you to do a strip show for me. Can you do that.”

“Pardon, Sir?”

“I want you to take off your clothes and tease that terrorist. I want you to moon him.”

“YESSSSSSS, Sir”…. Becky is very happy now.

“I will do that.”

“And by the way, Becky. I am pew, not Sir. I you mind if I call you Becky”

“You can call me anything you like, Honey. I’m your stripper today.”, says Becky

“And do you know how to do barrel rolls around that plane?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do half a dozen around it now”


The jet does six barrel rolls around the Boeing passenger jet.

Becky is screaming with delight.

By this time, Becky has taken off her jump suit and is down to her underwear.

“There’s a small child looking at me, pointing.”

“Don’t be ashamed, Becky. He’s probably never seen a naked woman before.”

“I am not ashamed, Sir”

“He has a great big smile on his face and he’s sitting in his pram and holding his mum’s hand pointing at me.”

“Great job, Becky.”

“Thank you, pew”

“Oh and Becky”


“I love you.”

“Smmmmooooochhhhh!!!! I just gave you a big kiss! pew”

“I wish it was a real one.” I said

“It was”

“Love you too, sweetie.”

“Knock ’em dead, Captain Becky Smith.”

“Yes, Sir (Sigh!!!)”

— The End

*** now read Part II – Becky, the Naked Fighter 16KB Microsoft Word document

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