Song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

1987–91 lineup of Fleetwood Mac.

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Today this the other song I’m sharing (of two) by Fleetwood Mac. Songs and lyrics remain copyright to Fleetwood Mac.

This is from Fleetwood Mac’s first and self titled album and is a song called “Landslide”. I originally found the lyrics here:

and I have listened to the original recording and corrected and edited them to be as exact as I can make them. :-) ))

Artist/Band: Fleetwood Mac

Album: Fleetwood Mac

Song (lyrics) © Fleetwood Mac:


This is for you Daddy

I took my love and I took it down,
I climbed a mountain and I turned around,
And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills,
‘Til the landslide brought me down.

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides?
Can I, handle the seasons of my life?
Mmm mmm, I don’t know.
Mmm mmm.

Well I’ve been ‘fraid of changin’
‘Cause I build my life around you,
But time makes you bolder, even children get older,
I’m getting older too,

I’ve been ‘fraid of changin’
‘Cause I-I build my life around you,
But time makes you bolder, even children get older,
I’m getting older too,
I’m getting older too.

So, take this love, take it down.
Oh, if you climb a mountain and you turn around,
If you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills,
Well, the landslide’ll bring it down, down,
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills,
Well maybe,
The landslide will bring you down,
Well, well, the landslide will bring it down.

(Edited by Patient X)

© Fleetwood Mac (single song)

Please note that I have no intentions of making Fleetwood Mac’s album of songs all available here nor elsewhere. My current plans are simply to make available two of the songs from their first album as it is one of my very favourite albums. I first purchased this cd many years ago and is excellent to relax and listen to. Stevie Nicks (a lady) has a soft and beautiful voice and the other band members are wonderful !!! It is recommended listening.

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