Dear George, Why do you hate life?

Dear George,

Why do you hate life? You go around saying whine whine whine and smiling smiling smiling and whine whine whine. And then you say “I am not complaining!” No, not much. Well, Actually yes, you are complaining far too much.

You see, George, there’s a saying “You are what you eat.”

That means that if you eat healthy good food then you become health and good.

It also means you are what you THINK.

If you think positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive people then eventually positive things will happen.

That’s not to say that nothing bad will ever happen. Of course it might. But there’s no point going around thinking the worse.

Good begets good. Bad begets bad.

You are angry at the world and you hate yourself. Stop it.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You told me that you want to work for the rest of the work.

You also told me that people don’t want you to work and they tell you to enjoy life.

Tell me, George, what do you really want? What is that makes you happy?

Work out what you really really enjoy doing then go and spend the rest of you life doing it.

Even if it means not getting paid to do it. That’s what I do.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am the second son of Ernest and Greta Williams. Ernest is my dad and he is 84. Greta is my mum and she is 80 this 2nd December 2010.

I told mum about you and she thinks that you are an idiot. I think mum’s exact words were “some people are too thick to learn.”

I won’t disagree with her. I know you better. I am trying to help you.

Dad was born in 1926 in the Isle of Wight, England in a place called Cowes.

I have never been to England and I’ve only seen photos. It looks lovely and green.

Dad tells stories of how he would go the local library and borrow three or four books and speed read them. I don’t know what they were but they were mostly novels and he read them very fast as a boy.

Dad got a job as an apprentice boat builder with carpentry tools and working with wood.

He would cycle to work and there were big hills to cycle up and down.

After a few years dad finished his apprenticeship.

Then he lost his job because of the fibre glass boat industry.

Everyone wanted fibre glass boats instead of wooden ones.

At the end of Word War II dad joined the British Army.

He went to Europe and served peace keeping duties in Austria.

To this day dad still remembers his service number and abhors violence.

I don’t like violence either. I won’t bore you with my dad’s life story, but he has many jobs.

He has saved his fellow soldiers’s lives from becoming prisoners of war (POW) WITHOUT even firing a single bullet at a time when he could so easily have killed the enemy by pulling a trigger.

He did not need to kill anyone.

He was not a coward.

Dad tells the story of how his patrol were marching a trail and dad was behind them with his bren gun which was heavy.

The other men went ahead of him and were capture by an enemy patrol coming the other way.

Dad heard this and waited with his gun in the fork of a tree pointing to where the men had gone.

It was not necessary to fire because the enemy knew that they were facing a bren gun with my dad ready to pull the trigger.

The enemy knew that they could have been killed and they surrendered.

The enemy were captured and taken back to the Allies and they became POWs themselves.

I think my dad was a HERO.

It takes a brave man to know when not to kill someone. :-)))

My dad has taught me that violence is wrong and that is what is wrong with the world.

We are conditioned that being violent and aggressive is a way to solve problems.

People are too quick to fight it out instead of think and use common sense.

Some people are Evil and possessed by the Devil but it does not mean that some of those people are beyond help.

Rest assured that Evil people will die and suffer in Hell.

Heaven and Hell are real, but I cannot prove that to you.

You either believe it or not.

It’s totally up to you and your belief system.

If you doubt this then talk to God.

He will always be listening to you.

It’s all about how you think.

That’s why we have laws and legal system and it is very complicated.

People cannot agree because everyone has a different life experience.

Your life experiences are different from mine and vice versa.


I suggest that you go and see my psychiatrist. His name is Dr Phil Reid and he is a good man. You will get some of the money back from medicare.

Go and see your General Practioner Doctor and give this letter to them. Tell him or her that you need some anti-depressant medication.

Stop going around telling other people what to do.

Stop hating other people.

LOVE Peter

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