Do Only Fools and Children Really Believe in Super-Human Men and Women with Laser-Beam Eyes?

Superman running on Helsinki City Marathon 2007

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Do Only Fools & Children Really Believe in Super-Heros?

== A different perspective than childish nonsense ==
== A serious view of make-believe and wishful thinking ==

Do you believe in Superman, Spiderman and Super-sized Radio Active Spiders that go Around Killing Folk or Bad Guys?

Are you sick or deranged?

Have you been reading too many comics and live in a nonsensical fantasy world?

Let me tell you something. I am content. I enjoy life and I’m happy most of the time.

I am at peace with the world.

I have seen many things and some things that I would never want to see again.

I have seen too many movies with wars and too many horror movies. I’ve seen one too many movies with people being killed.

I don’t like Mr Chopper Read. He was a criminal and has written autobiographies about the criminals he associated with. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that deep down maybe he’s a nice guy. I am not convinced yet.

No, Chopper, I won’t buy your book and I don’t want to read it. I dislike him (Chopper) endorsing television shows on AUSTAR TV (cable tv in Australia). I think he is an ignorant fool, then again I don’t keep the company of criminals. At least not people who tell me that they are criminals. That’s the thing about people who break laws… they don’t usually go around boasting about it, for fear that the police or someone else may do something to them they really don’t want to happen. They go around saying things like “It’s a dog eat dog world.” That’s not my world.

I am a nice and gentle man.

If you don’t like me then that’s okay. So bloody what? I really don’t care one way or the other.

Look up the meaning of LOVE. Learn the difference between sex and love. Look up the meaning of: Violence, War, Hatred, Evil, God, Jesus, Sacrifice, Hard Word, Honesty, Integrity, Honor, Respect, Greed, The Devil, Satin, Heaven, Hell, Eternity, Reincarnation, Karma, Beliefs, Soul, Imagination, Creation, Religion, Evolution, Revolution, Cycle, Life, Death, Taxes & Justice.

Educate yourself.

Take the time to find something beautiful in the world.

Find some beauty if your life. Buy a flower.

Don’t pick a flower without permission from the person who grew it. If in doubt then leave it to grow and look at it. Write a poem about it.

If you don’t know how to write a poem then think about it and read other poems. It won’t hurt you. You may even learn something. Hey, it does not even have to rhyme; that’s called free verse poetry. Some people and folk have written entire books telling you that poetry MUST rhyme. It’s not necessarily the case. Some people don’t like poems unless they rhyme or are funny or dramatic. Write what you feel and make up your own mind. If you like it (a poem), then that’s because it has meaning for YOU. Good luck to you.

Here is an off the ‘cuff poem… written right now:

A Rose

Rose of mine,
Flower divine,

Beauty I see

Glorious pink and red
Roots in the bed

You grew for years
Blossomed in the dew of morning

Closed your petals at night
You are lovers’s delight

A Pink and Red Rose

A Pink and Red Rose - Original photo by Peter – free to use as you wish

If you are high on drugs then I feel sorry for you. Stop getting stoned and get help. Stop associating with your friends who give or sell you drugs. Get Help! (yes, I know I’m repeating myself).

If you still like the friends who give you drugs the explain why you like them and what is good or bad about them. If they don’t understand then talk to them or find new friends. Ask for help.

This world has many oddities in it. There is much beauty; much Horror.

Nature can be a harsh Mistress.

Things change and nothing lasts forever. People also can change but some don’t. Some people never change. It’s never too late.

If life looks hopeless, then ask yourself what you have done to help yourself. I am helping you by writing this. I hope you appreciate it.

SMILE and the World will SMILE WITH YOU. Laugh and the world laughs too.

If you watch too many horror movies and you’ll give yourself nightmares. Stop watching them. Turn off the television.

If you need to scream then do it; just don’t make a habit of it. Find peace. If you keep needing to scream then go and see a doctor and tell him or her. Ask for a medical prescription for some anti-depressants if you have the medical symptoms of depression. It’s just an illness and there is treatment.

I believe that the most effective way for treat my own mental illness (which is a long standing illness) a combination of schizophrenia, depression and autism is for me to take my anti-psychotic and anti-depressant tablets. Maybe I won’t need them later in life.

I try very hard to not forget the medication. I also do things I enjoy. I have stopped doing things which I previously told myself I like but hurt my self esteem. I made some friends. I am writing my feelings down as a sort of therapy, if you want to phrase it like that. 🙂

If your world is a scary place then talk to a friend. Go to church and talk to the Minister. Ask him or her what he or she believes. Listen to them. Tell them your story. Ask them to listen. Ask them for permission to cry, if you want to. Cry if you need to. Don’t be frightened or ashamed. If you are the ask God for help. If you don’t believe in God then ask Him for help.

Some folk like to think of God as female. I don’t want to debate the point. God is all seeing, all knowing and all things to all people. You DON’T HAVE TO AGREE with me, but then again this is my writing and I am telling you what I believe in my heart. This is my reality. It makes me happy to think these things.

Remember one very important thing. If you pray to God then you prayers WILL be answered. But the answer might be something that you do or don’t like. The answer won’t always be “Yes” and it won’t always be “No”.

Let’s me rephrase that. Whether or not you get what you pray for depends on what mood God is in. Maybe something terrible will happens which is the devils work. Remember if you believe in God then you must also believe in the Devil. Evil begets evil. Good begets good.


Ask for a cup of coffee. Or make one yourself. You can remember how can’t you? Eat regular meals, if you are hungry. Ask for help if can’t find food. Pray if all else fails. Nothing is ever hopeless.

No-one gets to live for ever.

I believe in Heaven and Hell.

The world does not hate you. Also the world does not owe you a living.

If you gamble $10, for example in a poker machine there is not guarantee that you will get any money back. Never gamble any money or any thing which you are not prepared to lose. Gambling can be addictive and habit forming. I know. I do not gamble.

I (personally speaking) am not perfect, speaking as the author, and as a human being. I simply have worked some things out and want to share them with you.

Money won’t buy happiness, but it will pay the rent or some of the bills and buy you some food. Maybe not all at the same time. Pick one, if need be.

If you really believe that money brings happiness then dig a hole in the ground only big enough for yourself and get all your money and sit naked in your hole-in-the-ground for one week. Do nothing but sit with your money. Do nothing else for that entire week but sit naked with your money. Do not speak or move. Just sit and sleep and live and breathe with only you and your money in your hole in ground and see how happy you are.

If you still think that money buys you happiness then spend all your money trying to cure world poverty and make the blind see and helping people who don’t no legs to walk and no arms have arms. If you really think that you CAN DO ALL THIS (be happy) WITH MONEY — then good luck to you. It’s worth a try. Some people can be happy with money. Some folk spend their whole lives pursuing the almighty dollar. It’s called GREED!  I feel a little pessimistic at the time of writing.

Maybe I’ll change my mind if eat some chocolate. There no chocolate here at the moment and no money to buy some. That’s just an example of life. It’s not that life sucks; it’s simply that we can’t have everything we want. We sometimes equate using science or good will or research or money or prayers or inventing things or writing this document to achieving good. At the end of the day it’s your actions and your mind that count. Think positive thoughts.

I have a friend who goes around saying in a very depressed voice, “Oh, it’s a hard life. We could die any day. Oh I’m depressed. I work so hard. I’m not complaining though. I know life is good but life is hard.”

I explained some of the above paragraph to him and he said, “Spare me you Hallmark greeting card philosophy.” Well, no I won’t. It’s my way of thinking and it help me to keep sane. That and medication. And all this time he has a beautiful smiling and happy girl-friend not 3 metres from him. Sometimes going to him and kissing him and telling him that she loves him. And he tells her that he loves he. And they are together. I wish that she were my girl-friend in one respect, but I am not interest in trying to steal her affection from him. What would it take to make this man happy. A miracle? A night of love making? A kiss? God knows, not me.

Learn to budget or find someone who will either show you how or do it for you.

If all else fails then try sending me an email. Don’t ask me for money… but then again try because I am not totally broke. I won’t sent you money over the internet unless I think that it is good value. Yes, I do also buy thing from time to time and I have a good income. No, I am not rich.

Here is my email address: feedback.patientx (at)

If you are addicted to pornography then okay… I once was too. Some of the men and women enjoy sex or pornography or making sexy movies. Some are forced or coerced into doing things that they doing want to, or where convinced to, and may regret it later in life. SEX can be wonderful. Rape is a horrible thing.

Life is a journey.

I don’t want to tell you how to live your life.

Laws exist for Good Reasons. But that does not mean that all laws are created for the right reasons. Some laws are very old and may not work very well.

Some folk are Evil and some are possessed by the Devil (Satin).

Yes, Satin is real. God is also real. No, I cannot prove it to you. You either believe it or not.

People who go around say good things and doing good deeds, usually have good things happen to them. This is not to say that being a Christian is all singing and dancing. Sometimes bad and unfortunate things will happen. As the saying goes sometimes “Shit Happens”. That’s not rudeness it’s just a fact of life. I’ve go excrement inside my bum. It’s a pretty good bet that so do you.

— The End.

© 2010
Patient X

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