When You Travel – A poem dedicated to Emma

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When You Travel

=== Dedicated to Emma ===
=== The love of my life ===

When ever you travel
What ever you do
I pray to God to give you wings

What ever life gives you
No matter what
No matter why

I pray to God
to keep you happy, safe and warm

When you return
I will smother you with KISSES
and make passionate love to you !!!
and Thank GOD

The love making is a fantasy
We are together in each others hearts


2010 (c) Peter

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Patient X is a nice guy. Religious and church goer. Not a big Bible reader. Owner of a beautiful cat. Currently single and looking to find a woman as a partner to marry within a few years. Active on one particular internet dating website with over 160 women 'buddies' and chatting via emails on that site to a few of those women. Published poet with three books printed; being collections of my poems. Also collaborated to compile anthology of other poets works. I have been previously published as Patient X with 6 mini-short stories and some poems to my credit. These stories have appeared, at various times online on the www. These were horror/humour and mostly non-fiction and faction. Pat Ientx X
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