Book of Poetry all about Buses – Bus Book (download)

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Bus Book

Poetry Written On or About Buses

bus_book_2003_version3.pdf <<<< click to download the Adobe Portable Format Document

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(excerpt, “Bus Fantasies” by Peter Eric Williams, from the Bus Book – Poetry Written On or About Buses — download by using the above url link for PDF document).

Bus Fantasies

I started my bus journey
only a half a dozen minutes late,
at about 22 to eight.

We left Canberra, Adelaide bound,
and I noticed that the guy sitting
next to me was kind of cute –
I think it was his drizabone.

And then I almost immediately chastised myself,
reminding myself that I’m straight –
aren’t I ?

He left a few hours later at
some unnamed town.

The hair of the man in front of me
struck me as a shock of fuzzy
almost afro-style, grey hair;

it was amazingly large;
and amused me.

I found myself having
fantasies of a young woman passenger;

and what we might
silently get up to
in the dark of night.

And I watch her sleep
I know that they will
remain just lush
fantasies of mine.

2003-2010 © Peter Eric Williams
Published with permission

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