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Grace Church on Mothers’ Day 2010
by Patient X

I first attended Grace Church on Mother’s Day 2010. I had been disgruntled with the Pope’s statements against gays and lesbians, although I am straight and bi-curious. That had prevented me from attending my previous church and I had gone to Grace seeking a fresh beginning.

I knew of one of the men, Phil who was a hard working tradesman running Christian mens’ fellowship meetings. Phil had told me on the phone to come along and that I’d be welcomed but I didn’t know what to expect. This was when Grace were meeting at the Tabor college rooms in the city. There were two services with an intermission of a coffee meeting. I arrived for the coffee and nibbles before the second service. It was great to get free coffee and one of the ministers approached me in a friendly manner and introduced himself. He is a man of mature age and smiling and warm. We talked briefly and he explained that there were cupcakes for sale. When I said that I was too broke to afford the few dollars, he willing paid for some for me with his own money. It was not that I was starving, but this was a kind and generous gent practising the gift of giving and love. I warmly accepted his kindness.

Being an introspective poet that I am, I sat down and wrote a poem, which became Verse I below. I went into the hall and was entranced by the kindness, love and good vibes of the congregation.

The folk there were all ordinary people. There was a band on the stage with electric bass and lead guitars, drums, keyboard, and lead and backing singers. They played gospel music with a great beat.

The sermon was about love, nurturing, kindness, family, motherhood, parenthood, understanding and inclusion in family-hood. Love is the overwhelming central theme here in this church. My one criticism is this question: What does a human (me) do when I miss my family? What to do, on Mothers’ Day without mum with me. The answer for me became to compose a Song for Mothers’ Day.

I then wrote Verses II & III the service. The final Verse IV came from a card tied on to the cupcakes and seemed entirely appropriate to use in what became Song for Mother’s Day. {These are lyrics only without music, as I am not a musician. If you would like to volunteer to add music to these lyrics then please email me and I will answer you. Please also give me an idea of your musical abilities. Thanks πŸ™‚Β  }

Song for Mother’s Day

2010 Β© Patient X
the Melancholy Poet
{ born on All Saints Day — Eve of Halloween }

Verse I

God I love you
Devoted to me & Mark
Proud Grandma of:
James, Mary, Roseanna & Samantha

You always remember
birthdays, anniversaries;

crochet rugs for love
and scarves and squares

Passion, Romance, Life

Verse II

A cupcake
A kiss
3 Words

β€œI love YOU !”
— All you need to say

Verse III

Do You Understand?
I need to be loved !

God knows our hearts
He needs us
to be happy !

To find someone
to Love

Verse IV

β€œMany women do noble things,
but you surpass them all”

Proverbs 31:29


Happy Mothers Day !!!

Draft 010 (c) 2010


About patientxmarksthespot

Patient X is a nice guy. Religious and church goer. Not a big Bible reader. Owner of a beautiful cat. Currently single and looking to find a woman as a partner to marry within a few years. Active on one particular internet dating website with over 160 women 'buddies' and chatting via emails on that site to a few of those women. Published poet with three books printed; being collections of my poems. Also collaborated to compile anthology of other poets works. I have been previously published as Patient X with 6 mini-short stories and some poems to my credit. These stories have appeared, at various times online on the www. These were horror/humour and mostly non-fiction and faction. Pat Ientx X
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